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Review - The Maltese Herring

'If there's one thing more difficult than writing a successful humorous crime novel, it's writing a successful series of humorous crime novels. Not too many people over the years have managed to achieve this. In Britain one thinks of Colin Watson, possibly George Bellairs, and more recently Simon Brett. Over the last decade, Len Tyler has joined the list (and, more than that, become a leading exponent of the form) with his series about the hapless crime writer Ethelred Tressider and his ravenous agent Elsie Thirkettle.' Martin Edwards Blog

Publication of paperback - The Maltese Herring

I'm delighted to announce that the paperback of The Maltese Herring will be available on 23 January.


Review of the Bleak Midwinter


'I love these John Grey Historical Mysteries. Not only are they set in an unusual period – the 17th Century, but they are also riddled with wry humour. This is a difficult balancing act to achieve – both historical veracity and laughs, but this book has both, along with an exciting plot that keeps you guessing until the end.' Deborah Swift Blog



Puzzle Doctor's Review of the Year

I was delighted to get two mentions in the Puzzle Doctor's review of crime fiction in 2019 on his blog In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel.


Review of The Bleak Midwinter

'A fast-paced page-turner of a murder mystery, full of clever plot turns, witty one-liners, and a satisfying conclusion' Barbara Beaton, My Weekly


Review of The Maltese Herring


'The story whips along at a fair pace, pausing only for out-loud laughs. For those inclined to black humour, it is a delight.' Barry Turner, Daily Mail  

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